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Killed in Action, Honor Roll for Stokes County, North Carolina website was awarded the Paul Green Multimedia Award by The North Carolina Society of Historians, Inc. on 13 October 2007.

Judges' Collective Comments:

"This website was an eye-opener for many on our panel as it contained data for one county that we were not familiar with...Stokes. It also jarred our hearts as we felt humbled in the presence of so many of that county's dead...who died for us so that we may continue to have the freedom we have today.

The site covered so many different areas, too; and, opened up different aspects of a soldiers death that we sometimes forget...overseas burials, a death when no body could be recovered for burial.

Killed in Action, Honor Roll for Stokes County, NC, covers the deaths of soldiers in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Overseas Burials, Casualties, those who died in Grenada, the Honduras, and at Fort Bliss, TX.

It includes extremely helpful links, which we will list here because we feel they are very important to note: the Veterans Memorial in Stokes County; USS Stokes; the History of TAPS; a Korean Site; NC Medal of Honor Recipients; POW's/MIA's from NC; and, further NC Fallen Heroes.

The site is full of superb pictures and vintage photographs; has appropriate 'home page' wallpaper; legible lists and script. We were very impressed with this work."

Paul Green Multimedia Award
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