USS Stokes (AKA-68)

USS Stokes (AKA-68) in her war time camouflage colors

USS Stokes (AKA-68) was a Tolland class attack cargo ship named for Stokes County, North Carolina. Stokes was designed to carry military cargo and landing craft, and to use the latter to land weapons, supplies, and Marines on enemy shores during amphibious operations.

If you served aboard this ship during World War II, please contact me. I would like to hear about your experiences. I'm presently putting together information on the USS Stokes to be placed in the historical section of our Stokes County library in Danbury, North Carolina. I would like to preserve the history of the USS Stokes for future generations.

I can be contacted as follows:

Ken Brown
P. O. Box 45
Sandy Ridge, NC 27046


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To our men and women serving in the Armed Forces...past, present and future...thank you for your service to our country.

Kenith Allen Brown
November 16th, 1937 - April 1st, 2015


Our wonderful husband, father, and grandfather passed away April 1st, 2015.  He is now resting peacefully at Arlington National Cemetery between a Marine Colonel and an Air Force Chief Master Sergeant.

This website and all the information and research contained within was Ken's brainchild. He devoted many, many hours to it during his retirement.

I will do my best to maintain the domain/website and the information contained in the various sites to the best of my ability but have some mighty big shoes to fill.

~ Troy Brown (Ken's son)
I can be reached at ObiTroy69 at yahoo dot com